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Chris and Sara

Friendfolk Coffee E-Gift Card

Friendfolk Coffee E-Gift Card

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Who doesn't love getting a gift?

Standard benefits:
- A great gift for any coffee lover.

Emotional benefits:
- The perfect way to show your friends how much you care about them.
- Makes it easy for your friends to get their caffeine fix.


Freshly roasted Mexican coffee

Shipping & Returns

ALL ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED MID-JULY 2022. Shipping based on location and order size. No returns available unless product is damaged.


10" x 4" x 3"

Brew Instructions

Our favorite way to brew and enjoy Mexican coffee is by using a pour over. No matter how you brew the beans, expect a light and sweet flavor. In our opinion, there's really no bad way to enjoy coffee. Brew it however works for you and enjoy with a friend!

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Coffee for all of life's adventures

Whether your adventure is climbing mountains and chasing waterfalls, or if your adventure is chasing children and conquering mounds of laundry, this coffee is for you. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed with friends in both the ordinary and extraordinary adventures, so grab a bag (or two) and call on your friends for an impromptu adventure of your choosing.